Search for classes

The Student Administration System allows guest users to search for courses at the University of Connecticut. Undergraduate courses are numbered 1000-4999 and graduate-level courses are numbered 5000-6999. For tutorials about using the system, see Student Administration System Help.

Know your NetID and NetID password

Your NetID provides access to UConn email, the Student Administration System, and HuskyCT (for online classes). First-time UConn students will receive an email at via their personal email address to activate their NetID. Returning students can reset their password if necessary.

If you have difficulties, contact the ITS Technology Support Center at 860-486-4357 or email

Access the Student Administration System

All non-degree students have access to the following functions in the Student Administration System:

  • Register for, drop, and swap courses during open registration
  • View and print your class schedule, final grades, and unofficial transcript
  • Review your financial account and any holds placed on your student record
  • Pay for your course(s) with an e-check or credit card
  • Update your personal information, including address, telephone number, and personal email address
  • Request official transcripts

For detailed tutorials on each function above, please visit UConn IT Knowledge Base. Also please note that if you are a new non-degree student, you may not be able to access the Student Administration System for 24 hours.

Verify that there are no holds on your account

There may be a hold on your account that blocks you from registering for courses. The most common holds are Bursar’s Holds for overdue balances or Advising Holds based on previous academic experience (dismissal, balance forward, etc.). You should take steps to resolve any holds on your account as soon as possible. You can check your holds in the Student Administration System (Instructions).

Register for your classes

Non-degree registration opens at 9 a.m. on the first day of non-degree registration for each semester. (Employees using a tuition waiver must wait until the second day of courses to register.) Non-degree students are able to enroll in up to 8 credits per semester. See the Dates and Fees page for the registration dates for upcoming terms. At that time you will be able to log in to the Student Administration System and add courses to your schedule. Tutorials for adding, swapping, and dropping courses are available at UConn IT Knowledge Base. Information in regard to course modalities (instruction modes) can be found here: Class registration results in automatic generation of a bill.

Adding and Dropping Classes

You can self-enroll in additional courses or swap courses through the open registration period. You can also drop a course if you are enrolled in multiple courses for the semester.


To add an Undergraduate or Graduate level course after the second week of the semester you must complete the Add a Course form, obtain all required signatures and return to the Registrar’s Office at your current campus for processing.

To drop one Undergraduate or Graduate level course when enrolled in multiple courses after the second week of the semester you must complete the Withdraw from a Course form, obtain your non-degree advisor’s signature and return to the Registrar’s Office at your current campus. The deadline is the ninth week of the semester.

To drop all of your Undergraduate level courses prior to the start of the semester email After the start of the semester, you must contact the Dean of Students Office at 860-486-3426 or if you are a Storrs student. If you are taking classes at a regional campus contact the Office of Student Services/Academic Advising Center at your current campus.

To drop all of your Graduate level courses prior to the start of the semester email After the start of the semester, complete the Voluntary Separation Notification form.

Summer/Winter: You may make changes to your registration through the Student Administration System during the Add/Drop Period. After the Add/Drop Period, all requests to withdraw from a class must be made via email to

*There is a $65.00 non-refundable registration fee for winter and summer sessions. During the fall and spring semesters, a $65.00 non-refundable cancellation fee will be charged if you withdraw or cancel.

**It is your responsibility to be aware of the published deadlines regarding registration and refunds.

Pay your bill

Registration obligates you to make full payment for your course(s). Your bill will be available in Student Administration within 24 hours of course registration. Your bill must be paid by the due date. The due date can be found in the email that you receive from the Bursar’s Office. If you have enrolled in a course(s) after the due date, payment must be made within ten days.

If unpaid, a late fee will be assessed. If you are unable to pay for the course(s) or choose not to take the course(s), you must formally drop the course(s) within the published refund deadlines. Failure to properly drop the course(s) or make payment will result in referral to a collection agency.

Payment for your course(s) is processed through the University’s Student Administration System. Detailed instructions are available on the Bursar’s website. You may also pay by check at a regional campus Bursar’s Office or by check or cash at the Storrs Bursar’s Office.

If you have questions regarding payment for your course(s), please contact the Office of the Bursar at (860) 486-4830 or

Due dates for summer and winter are available at Refund policy information for summer and winter programs is available here.

Review the Student Code

All UConn students must abide by the Student Code maintained by the office of Community Standards. Please be sure to review the Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code.

Check your UConn Email Regularly

The University reserves the right to communicate official business matters to students exclusively by email. You will receive a UConn email address; therefore you must check your UConn email account often as it is your responsibility to respond to University communications in a timely manner.

Information regarding accessing and using your UConn email can be found in HuskyCT on the Institution Page under Useful Links for Students select Student Technology Training.

If you have questions about registration, contact the Office of the Registrar at (860) 486-3331 or

Common registration issues

Holds on student accounts

The following holds do not prevent course registration:

  • No SSN/Tax Indicator – this is an indicator and has no impact
  • Financial Aid Exit Counseling

The following holds will prevent course registration:

Bursar Holds for balances over $100: View your fee bill and make a payment in Student Admin or contact the Bursar’s Office at 860-486-4830 for more information.

Advising Holds: A dismissed UConn undergraduate student wishing to take courses as a non-degree student must obtain special permission to register each semester. Please contact the designated advisor of your previous school or college for permission to register. If approved, they will remove the hold from your account.

Non-Degree Application Pending or Denied: You will receive additional information via email.

For instructions on resolving the issue, click on the hold message.

Common Error Messages

You can easily see what a course requires for enrollment when you are searching for classes. After you have selected the class from the search page, look under “Enrollment Information” at “Enrollment Requirements.” Requirements for enrollment will be listed here including prerequisites, class standing requirements, instructor consent, etc. You will only be able to enroll in courses where you have met these requirements. If you do not meet the requirements for a course, you will receive an error message upon attempting to enroll including a large red X. Here are some common error messages and what they indicate:

Requisites have not been met: This indicates that you are ineligible to enroll in the class. It may be a class open to upperclassmen only, open to freshman only, open to major students only, etc. This error message will also appear if you have already completed relevant course material. For example, students who have completed English 1010, Seminar in Academic Writing, cannot enroll in English 1004, Introduction to Academic Writing.

Prerequisites have not been met: This indicates that the class requires completion of previous course material in order to qualify for enrollment. If you have completed coursework elsewhere that you believe satisfies the prerequisite, the instructor may be able to provide you with a permission number to register. They are under no obligation to do so and may require proof of prerequisite completion. The error message may also read what the prerequisite classes are.

Class is full: All classes have an enrollment limit, but instructors may be able to enroll a student into a closed class with a permission number. Instructors are under no obligation enroll a student once the class has filled. Lab courses and W courses cannot be overenrolled due to safety concerns and/or university policy. If the class has a waitlist and you wish to be added to it, you can resubmit your enrollment request after selecting the “Wait List” option. If you have been put on a Wait List, you will be contacted via email if a spot becomes available.

Instructor Consent Required: Certain courses only allow enrollment with instructor permission. See the UConn Phonebook for instructor contact information.

Time Conflict: This indicates a time overlap with classes you are already enrolled in. Search for other sections of the same course or a different course offered at another time.

Term Maximum Exceeded: Adding this class would exceed the maximum number of credits allowed for the semester. Non-degree students are able to enroll in up to 8 credits per semester.

Permission numbers

Instructors may be able to provide you with a permission number to register for courses that you are unable to register for on your own. However, the instructor is under no obligation to provide you with permission to register.

You will not be able to register for a specific class if any of the following is true:

  • The class is full. Lab courses can not be overenrolled due to safety concerns.
  • The remaining seats in the class are reserved.
  • You do not meet the prerequisites. Although you may have taken coursework elsewhere, if your UConn transcript does not demonstrate successful completion of course prerequisites, you will need permission to register. Your instructor may require proof of prerequisite completion.
  • The class is a graduate-level course.

You may contact the instructor via their UConn email address to request a permission number. If the instructor does provide you with a permission number, you must resubmit your enrollment request including the permission number. The easiest way to include the permission number is to click on the class when it is in your shopping cart. A pop-up window will appear in which you can enter the number before continuing.

Contact the Registrar’s Office

Please contact the Registrar’s Office at 860-486-3331 or if you experience difficulty and require additional assistance with course registration.